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What’s an EMBA and what’s in it 4U?

The EMBA is a part-time management degree program which typically takes 18-24 months to complete. Graduates earn the MBA degree. But don't make the mistake of equating an EMBA with a weekend or part-time MBA. EMBA material is more advanced, and the stakes are higher.

EMBA delivers experiential learning, which, given the current COVID constraints, requires virtual collaboration in action to succeed. Not many EMBA programs possess the technology to succeed in this dimension, so make sure that your target business school is known for their ability to develop on-line learning systems and the requisite delivery platforms. ZOOM, MEET or similar systems are simply not sufficient!

Seasoned Business Leaders sometimes come to a realization that, although they are already experienced managers, there are aspects of business that they wish they understood better. Executives who are interested in increasing their leadership skills sometimes make the time to attend an EMBA program, despite their busy schedules and heavy workloads. However, because these full-time managers have significant work experience (average 10 years) and are more mature (average age 38 years) and already understand the building-block components of management, they often desire advanced business courses that delve into the intricacies of current management challenges, such as, leading and motivating those who work away from the office, augmenting employee creativity, innovation and diversity; increasing the organization’s agility, managing the digital divide and its disruptions.

The potential to learn from other participants (peer learning) is a strong motivator for the EMBA participant. But, one of the key benefits of a global Executive MBA program is access to an unrivalled alumni network. Classmates from around the world become a lifelong trusted network of advisors, investors, business partners, employers and friends.

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