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Why are WE doing this?


Our main purpose is to guide and direct experienced managers to EMBA and DBA programs that match their needs. Because, WE believe that the EMBA is a powerful milestone in an executive’s learning journey and the DBA is its peak.

How do WE qualify to navigate your ship?

Deniz Saral.jpg
Deniz Saral, PhD

Deniz's story

Deniz worked as a professor and chairman of a number of business schools since 1971. After leaving his home country Turkey in 1968 for the USA, he studied, lived and worked in Pittsburgh-PA, Austin-Texas, Greensboro-NC, Dhahran-Saudi Arabia, Lausanne/Pully-Switzerland, Grenoble-France and Zaragoza-Spain. During this period, he concurrently provided management consulting services to multinationals and numerous start-ups. Given his educational background in general management systems (the approach for separating the forest from the trees) and a strong preference to tackle complex problems, he often chose the untrodden path! Now, Deniz labels himself as a Turco-Swiss! He speaks Turkish (mother tongue) English and French fluently.


After 43 years abroad, Deniz moved back to Istanbul in 2012. He co-founded the private and unique 41 North Business School. Between the Fall of 2018 and the end of 2019, 41 North attracted numerous Turkish corporations to their management development programs. Deniz became closely acquainted with many high-ranking Turkish corporate executives and observed their organizational development needs from firsthand. But, COVID-19 was an unexpected interference! Almost all training and development work moved on-line.

Unfortunately, only a handful of business schools have the aptitude to offer truly interactive management education and training in this mode, because investing in the continuous development of an on-line learning management system is expensive, requires cutting-edge research and unfaltering dedication. This is why the few thrived during the pandemic! Fortunately, WE know them firsthand and will guide deserving and qualifying candidates to their matching dream programs!

Susanne Hansen Saral_EDUKA photo.jpg
Susanne Hansen Saral, DBA

Susannes's story

Susanne left Denmark for Switzerland in 1985 immediately following her graduation from the Royal Dental College in Copenhagen. Upon the completion of her Doctorate in Dentistry from the University of Bern, she was appointed as the Director of the Department of School Dentistry for the Municipal Government of Lausanne (Switzerland). Realizing the need to develop her managerial skills, she started and later completed the part-time evening MBA program at Webster University in Geneva. Four years later, she became saturated by the confines of governmental bureaucracy, so she started her own dental practice. Concurrently, she sat on the Board of Directors of the Private Retirement Fund for the Swiss Dental Association (SSO). The SSO boasts three thousand registered members, and their retirement fund has close to a billion Swiss Francs under management!


Susanne decided to leave the dental profession to seek wider, new and inspiring horizons for personal and professional development. She entered the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program at Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) in 2011. This demonstrated once more that she was not afraid of stepping out of her comfort zone.


After moving to Turkey in 2012 and defending her DBA thesis in 2014, Susanne taught business statistics, decision making and research methodology at the Undergraduate, Masters, and Doctoral levels in a private Turkish university. She then became the Academic Director at 41 North Business School where she successfully guided several prospective EMBA and DBA candidates towards top-tier European programs. She plans to continue in the same venue at Edukasolutions.


Susanne speaks Danish (mother tongue), German, English and French fluently. She also speaks colloquial Turkish! She regularly swims long distance and practices yoga. She is a passionate animal lover who takes care of homeless animals in her neighborhood.

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